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Webcast von Pratt und Miller - 3D Druck in Forschung und Industrie

Hallo Leute am 7 März um 17 bis 18 Uhr (MEZ) gibt es einen Webcast der Firma Pratt und Miller. Hier soll der Einsatz von neuen Tintenstrahldruckern im Bereich Prototypen Herstellung gezeigt werden. Das ganze geschieht in Zusammenarbeit mit 3dSystems.
Complimentary Live Webcast

Live Webcast:
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March 7, 2013


1 hour

Gary Latham
Design Manager
Pratt & Miller

Guest Speaker:
John Calhoun
Director of Sales
3D Systems

Pratt & Miller Discovers Endless Possibilities With Inkjet 3D Printing

Explore how Pratt & Miller Engineering, a respected industry leader in automotive, commercial, military, and aerospace engineering, provides clients with peak-performance engineering and low-volume manufacturing solutions by integrating 3D Systems' inkjet 3D printing into its design processes.

In this live webcast, you'll learn how Pratt & Miller:

  • Utilizes multi-color 3D printing for concept visualization and finite element analysis

  • Creates quick and simple single-sided composite molds for air ducts and has discovered uses for lost core molding applications

  • Prints hundreds of scaled models for monthly wind tunnel testing

Don't miss this inside look at how Pratt & Miller's innovative uses of 3D printing have led to its outstanding achievements and successes in the most prestigious production-based racing events.

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MfG Fabian
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